Efco 132s

Designed specifically for professional pruning and tree surgery.


  • Compact and easy to handle.

  • Excellent power to weight ratio.

  • Top perfomance engine protected by a two-stage sponge/nylon air filter.

  • High chain speed ensures a clean, precise cut that prevents bark damage.

  • Equipped with primer bulb for easy cold weather starting.

  • The filter cover can be opened without tools for simplified maintenance.

  • Ergonomic grips and thumb rest for better control of the chain saw.

  • Note: This unit is specifically designed for use by Certified Arborists.


Displacement 30.1 cc
Power 1.6 HP
Bar Length 12" / 14"
Chain (pitch x gauge) 3/8" / .050"
Oil Pump Automatic
Oil/Fuel Capacity 4.3/7.7 fl. oz
Weight 7.5 lb
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