Efco 152

Ideal for more demanding agricultural and farm use.


  • Side chain tensioner (147 and 152) makes maintenance as simple and as safe as possible.

  • Carburetor with air/fuel compensator (147 and 152) keeps air/fuel mixture ratio constant at all times.

  • High torque even at low RPM.

  • Compression relief valve, primer bulb and semiautomatic choke for easy starting in all conditions.

  • One-piece handle/grip section separate from engine for reduced vibrations.

  • Filter cover can be opened without tools (147 and 152) for simple maintenance.

  • Self-cleaning nylon filter.


Displacement 51.7 cc
Power 3.4 HP
Bar Length 16", 18", 20"
Chain (pitch x gauge) .325"/.058"
Oil Pump Automatic/Adjustable
Oil/Fuel Capacity 9.1/16.9 fl. oz.
Weight 10.7 lb


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