Efco MT 4400

Designed to handle a variety of jobs, the MT 4400 is the perfect saw for everyone from a homeowner to a farmer. This compact and versatile saw has an optimal power to weight ratio, offering great cutting performance for limbing, pruning, and felling medium sized trees.


  • With an advanced ergonomics system and anti-vibration system, the MT 4400 comfortable to use for extended periods.

  • Easily accessible controls including one switch for starting and purge primer make this saw easy to use.

  • Quality components like the adjustable oiler, nickel plated cylinder, 3-piece crankshaft, a decompression valve, and 2 ring piston guarantees a high performing machine that will last.


Displacement 42.9 cc
Power 2.9 HP
Bar Length 16" - 18"
Chain (pitch x gauge) .325"x.050" micro lite
Oil Pump Adjustable (Aluminum)
Oil/Fuel Tank Capacity 8.79/10.82 fl. oz.
Weight 9.47 lb


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